Best Video Converter of 2020 – Wondershare UniConverter Review

Part 1: Knowing About Video Converters

A small computer program that sits in your hard drive and can manipulate videos recorded from any device or in any format so they can be played on your smartphone or PC’s media player is a Video Converter. There could be many reasons your PC or smartphone would refuse to play a video file. A few most common causes include:

  • Old PC with obsolete graphics card (it is unlikely these days)
  • Unsupported resolution of your PC or phone screen
  • Unsupported framerate (fps) of your display device
  • Absence of codec packs needed to play the format of the footage you imported

What Do You Need a Video Converter For?

A simple answer would be, “To address all the issues discussed in the previous section.”.

Here is what an efficient video converter does:

  • Allows you to import a video from your local hard drive or any other connected device (even if the file format is not recognized by your PC) to its interface, lets you choose a format you want to convert the footage to (this may depend on the type of PC or smart device you plan to play the video on), lets you choose an appropriate framerate, and then converts the video within a couple of minutes.

Note: Depending on the length of the video and the size of the source file, the conversion time may vary.

  • Allows you to import a video file with audio from your hard disk or a connected external device to its interface, lets you pick your preferred audio format e.g. *.MP3, *.WAV, etc., extracts the audio from the footage, converts it to the selected format, and saves it on your hard drive or any other location you selected.

That said, if you record or deal with videos quite frequently, a good video converter is a must-have tool for you.

Part 2: Presenting to You Wondershare UniConverter

Although UniConverter by Wondershare has been around in the market since 2005, the tool has evolved a lot during these 1.5 decades. The most recent version of UniConverter is capable of doing many things that its predecessors couldn’t.

For instance, Wondershare UniConverter now supports 4K 60fps, and can easily convert the videos of this resolution to that supported by your device, e.g. 1080p 30fps, 720p 25fps, etc. Also, with the built-in disc burning tool, the converted videos can be burned directly to an optical media.

All in all, Wondershare UniConverter is a complete solution for all your media conversion and disc burning requirements.

Part 3: “But Why Only Wondershare UniConverter?” You May Ask

It is because Wondershare UniConverter is not merely video converter but a suite of tools that can help you with all your media manipulation tasks. Some of the most used options that UniConverter has include:

  • Complete Video Conversion Solution

Wondershare UniConverter allows you to import videos of any format, resolution, or framerate from local drive, USB drive, camcorder, etc., and convert them to your preferred output format, resolution, or framerate.

  • Streaming Site Presets

While converting, you can choose which streaming site you want to share the converted video on e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc., and Wondershare UniConverter automatically selects the acceptable file type, framerate, audio settings, and appropriate file size from its built-in presets. This saves your decent amount time that you would otherwise spend in selecting the preferences manually.

  • Device Type Presets

Alike streaming site, UniConverter also has pre-configured presets for various device types. This lets you choose a device you intend to play the video on e.g. Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, etc., and the relevant preset automatically configures the output settings for you.

  • Streaming Media Downloads

Wondershare UniConverter lets you download audios and videos from the streaming sites. In order to download, you must provide the URL of the target media, select the output file format and other settings like resolution, fps, etc. (optional), and leave the rest to the program.

  • Audio Conversion

In addition to converting videos, Wondershare UniConverter also lets you convert audio files from one format to that compatible with your audio player. You can choose the output files to have *.MP3, *.WAV, etc. extensions.

  • Disc Burning

With all the conversion tools and methods discussed above, Wondershare UniConverter lets you burn your outputs an optical media, i.e. CD/DVD.

Some other built-in tools that UniConverter has include:

  • Video Compressor – Reduces video file size
  • VR Converter – Converts video files to virtual reality environment
  • GIF Maker – Creates *.GIF files from videos
  • Screen Recorder – Records your computer screen to create interactive video tutorials
  • Audio CD Ripper – Converts tracks from audio CDs to *.MP3
  • Audio CD Burner – Creates audio CDs from *.MP3 files
  • Image Converter – Converts image files from one format to another

Part 4: Introducing Wondershare Online UniConverter

If you don’t intend to install a full-fledged video converter on your PC, probably because you don’t deal with the video files on regularly basis, you can go to and try Wondershare Online UniConverter for occasional conversion tasks.

Apart from converting the footages, this online tool can also compress video files, convert audio files, compress audio files, and even lets you do basic video editing.

The best thing about Wondershare Online UniConverter is that it is absolutely free, and all your media manipulation tasks can be done right from within your favorite web browser itself. You can perform any task in four simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Upload your file
  3. Pick a task you want to perform
  4. Download the output file to your local hard drive

Part 5: Conclusion

All the features mentioned above make Wondershare UniConverter one of the best video converters available in the market today. With several built-in tools, almost all your media manipulation tasks can be performed under one roof, without any further investment in any other software.

You can download Wondershare UniConverter from the link, and try using it for free.

If you don’t want to install the program on your PC and deal with video files rarely, Wondershare Online UniConverter is something you would definitely find useful.