Reasons Why Delhi Airport Deserves 5 Stars

Reasons Why Delhi Airport Deserves 5 Stars :- The World Airport Survey which has been conducted by skytrax (an independent entity) is underway for selecting the Best Airport worldwide. Talking about this survey, it recognizes the voice of customers, who vote for their favourite airport.

Delhi Airport Customer Reviews

These awards on the other hand, bring a great source of acknowledgment and Delhi Airport has come a long way. It’s time to show love as well as support for our favourite Delhi Airport and #VoteDELse.

As we all know that an Airport is known to connect one destination to another, but Delhi Airport at the same time it is known for much more than that. People love it for not only being a gateway to the world but at the same time it is also for being a pathway to supreme hospitality, unmeasurable service quality and so much more.

Here are some of the reasons why Delhi Airport deserves to be rated a 5-star :-

Serves the World in a platter

Enjoy as many as great cuisines at the airport that it offers before you fly. Whether you want to relish in South Indian dosas, North Indian mughlai, juicy burgers or else some street style chaat, you will get a range of choices. That’s quite amazing itself and therefore deserves a 5-star.

Easy Navigation

One thing for which Delhi Airport is also well- known is that for its clear signages that helps you get around as well as it also helps you and the people you care with a great pleasure. The airport also uses an advanced system known as Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) to help keep take-offs as well as landings timely and predictable.

Expresses through its art

Mudras that spell expressions, Suryanamaskar that flare up the spirit of living as well as several other corners that are filled with an aura of architecture along with Indian culture – the airport exactly expresses through its art.

Exceptional Assistance

Delhi Airport treats its exceptional guests in an extraordinary way. It offers a keen lane and area for the Passengers with Reduce Mobility (PRM). If there’s an Airport that worries about it more than anything else, then it really deserves a 5-star.

Awards and Honours

In the year 2010, the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) was deliberated the fourth best airport award in the world in the 15-25 million category, along with Best Improved Airport in the Asia-Pacific Region by the Airports Council International. Delhi Airport has also bagged two awards for The Best Airport in Central Asia/India as well as Best Airport Staff in Central Asia/India at the prestigious Skytrax World Airport Awards 2015.